Charming young man with flowers.
If he knows all the right things to say, it's because he's been practising.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Guard Down Around Charming Men.

So, he might not be the best looking guy.

But he’s got something about him.

He seems to know all the right things to say.

We explain why you shouldn’t get hooked too fast on the charming guy.

He’s a Player.

Sunbathing man lifting his sunglasses.

He knows all the right things to say because he’s said them to a thousand women before.

Not only does he know how to make you feel good, he knows how to make you feel SPECIAL.

And that’s the really messed up part. He knows exactly what to say to make you think that you’re not just another notch on his bedpost.

He’s a Pick Up Artist.

He might not be as experienced, but he knows all the right things to say because he’s studied it all in books.

These guys might not give off immediate player vibes. They can even come across as sweet and shy (all part of the game).

But he’s just spinning plates (got lots of girls on the go at once). And you’re one of them. Congratulations!

He’s a Narcissist.

Man in sunglasses smoking a cigar.

What does a charming guy do to you?

He makes you swoon over him.

And swooning gives him a HUGE ego boost.

Don’t be putty in his hands.

He’s a Sociopath.

Whilst players and pick-up artists are just doing what works to try and get you into bed, a sociopath uses his charm to control you and destroy your life.

If you start to notice that he switches from being superficially charming, to pretty damn nasty, you’ve got a potentially dangerous man on your hands.

BONUS if all his exes are crazy! He’s great at tricking everyone into thinking he’s the good guy.

He’s a Psychopath.

Ted Bundy in court.

You know who else was super charming?

Ted Bundy.

Psychopaths have no empathy. They’ve copied what they’ve seen work for other people and are VERY good at masking their lack of a conscience.

Don’t let him blind you to reality by his superficial charm.


Does everything feel too perfect? Does it all feel rehearsed? Does some of what he says not even really apply to you?

If something about his ‘charm’ feels a bit off, then it probably is.

Trust your instincts.