Angry man pointing.
If he keeps interrupting you, he doesn't care what you have to say.

Ever been on a date and the guy just won’t stop cutting you off?

Talking over you.

Won’t let you get to the end of your sentence.

Asks you questions but then answers them himself.

Instead of actually listening to your answer?

Bonus if at the end he criticises you for being too shy or quiet or weird after!

Here are seven reasons your date keeps interrupting you.

#1: He Doesn’t Actually Care.

Man shrugging his shoulders against orange background.

He doesn’t care what you have to say.

Because to him, you’re not an interesting human being he wants to get to know.

You’re a breathing sex toy.

He attempts the bare minimum of what he believes is polite conversation he needs in order to get you into bed.

But has no interest in actually getting to know you as a person.

#2: He’s a Narcissist.

He thinks his opinions are more important than yours.

He thinks his hobbies are more important than yours.

He thinks his career is more important than yours.

Basically, he just thinks that he is more important and interesting than you are.

He NEEDS to be the centre of attention.

And this will spill out into ALL other aspects of your relationship.

#3: He Thinks You’re Stupid.

Blonde woman pointing at her head.

Does he try to explain to you what you already know?

Did he even bother to try and find out what you know about the topic?

Or did he just presume that he knows more than you?

These kinds of men have a fragile ego and can’t stand to be the least knowledgable on a subject (especially against a woman), so they don’t even let you speak in case you have something to say that he doesn’t understand.

#4: He Thinks Women are Stupid.

Does he keep interrupting other people? Other men?

Or does he just like to speak over women?

Yes, even in 2020 there are still SO many men who think that women aren’t as clever as men.

Don’t waste time on a mansplainer!

Not only is it incredibly BORING to listen to a man explain something to you that you already understand, a guy who thinks women are stupid is obviously going to treat you badly in other aspects of the relationship.

#5: He’s Nervous.

Nervous man in brown jumper against pink wall.

See? We don’t actually hate men here.

We do give them the benefit of the doubt.


Some people do get super chatty when they’re really nervous and it gets a bit out of control.

What was the rest of his behaviour like? Was he jittery? Did he seem nervous and uncomfortable?

Or was he arrogant?

If you think he was nervous, it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to give him another chance or not.

Some women think it’s cute and endearing when a guy is nervous on a first date. Others aren’t impressed and want someone with more self-assured confidence.

It doesn’t matter what you preference is. As long as you stick to it. Don’t give a nervous guy another chance if that’s a turn off for you. You deserve to date someone you truly find attractive.

#6: He’s Trying to Impress You.

He might want to show off his knowledge to try and impress you because he genuinely likes you.

But how can he genuinely like you if he doesn’t actually listen to you enough to get to know you?

Some guys can treat a date as a competition to try and prove to you what a great catch he is.

Everything you’ve done, he tries to jump in with something better.

This gets tired FAST.

It stems from insecurity.

And there’s nothing more dangerous than an insecure man.

#7: You’re Not Compatible.

British plug with European socket.

Ever been in a group and everyone seems to be talking at the same time and you’re waiting for a short pause in the conversation to be able to say something and that time never comes?

Congratulations! You’re an introvert!

If a guy keeps interrupting you but seems really upbeat about it, he might just be an extrovert who hasn’t learnt to control his impulses.

Whereas a lot of extroverts find pauses and silences uncomfortable and desperately need to fill them.

Introverts have an aversion to cutting people off and NEED those pauses in order to be able to contribute.

He might not even be a bad guy (there we go again, giving him that benefit of the doubt!) but if you don’t feel like you’re being listened to, it means that even if his intentions are good, you’re never going to feel comfortable enough to express yourself.


It’s NEVER a good sign when a guy constantly interrupts you.

He could be a sexist narcissist, an attention-seeker, or just plain old nervous.

Either way, he’s incompatible with you and it’s time to move on and find a guy who actually listens to what you have to say.

They DO exist!