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An abuser posts on social media to prove that it can't have been his fault.

He Treats His New Girlfriend Like a Queen When He Treated You Like a Jester?

So, your ex has moved on …

And they’re just so happy.

Why is he treating her so much better when he was awful to you? Was it your fault? Absolutely not.

We give you six reasons why your abusive ex seems to be treating his new girl so well.

He’s in the Honeymoon Phase.

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Not only is she on her best behaviour, but he is too.

She hasn’t gotten sick of him yet.

Wasn’t he nice to you at the beginning too? That’s how he reeled you in.

It takes time for the overt abuse to kick in. He needs to wear her down enough first. No one stays when they’re hit on the first date, but after months (or years) of pretending to be someone else and sneakily wearing away confidence … bingo.

He’s just playing the same game all over again that he played with you. And it’s a game this new girl is going to lose.

Social Media is a Scam.

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We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Did all of his friends and your friends know what was going on when he was with you?

Or did he hide it really well, just like he’s doing now?

We all put our absolute best selves on social media, and it’s RARELY a true reflection of reality.

He’s Warned Her About You.

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He has absolutely told her that you were a controlling psycho.

Abusers always do and it’s one of the reasons it’s a red flag when a guy talks about his ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’.

This new girl is flattered that he doesn’t think she’s a psycho in comparison and she is now trying to prove just how chill she is by never disagreeing with him.

She’s desperate for him to think that she’s better than you and she’s on her ‘best behaviour’.

She Doesn’t Stand Up for Herself.

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And ‘best behaviour’ means not treating herself with respect.

It means letting it go when he pushes her boundaries (sexual or otherwise). Hmm, does this ring a bell to you at all?

It means laughing at his insulting ‘jokes’. And putting up with unacceptable behaviour. This might get him in his good books in the beginning, but we know that it’s just downhill from there.

Be glad you chose your self-respect over him. And let’s home she chooses the same soon.

He’s Trying to Prove to You It Was Your Fault All Along.

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It wasn’t.

But that’s exactly what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it? Which means he’s succeeded.

Don’t let him win.

He wants you to keep thinking about him, wondering what’s wrong with you.

Understand why he’s doing it and move on. By showing you he has the perfect life, he’s trying to absolve himself of all blame in your relationship.

And yes, he might be posting those pictures for you to see them and for you to feel jealous. Please do not take this to be some warped form of flattery. It’s just manipulation and control.

He’s Trying to Prove to Others That it Was All Your Fault.

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It’s the same game that all abusive men play. They always makes themselves out to be the normal one, or even the victim of the crazy (ex-)girlfriend.

If your friends believe him and choose his side, then they aren’t worth your time.

Don’t take it personally if they do take his side. Abusers are notoriously charming and good at manipulating people (how did he get you to fall for him?).

Some people (or even a lot of people) might be caught in his spell. But over time, the truth WILL come out.

Until then, try your best to focus on cultivating new friendships and working on growing your confidence and self-esteem.


Why are you even still following his social media accounts? BLOCK HIM!

He’s posting to try and make you jealous, to manipulate his new girlfriend and to manipulate everyone around him.

Don’t waste one more thought on this guy and cut him out of your life forever!